Out to lunch dating

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Our dating specialists handle everything in a personalized and efficient manner...

from finding the right matches to making all the arrangements for the date. I would strongly recommend It’s Just Lunch as a dating service.

I understand some of the categories or criteria may be different, (ie gender, if you have kids, income, age, do you WANT someone with kids, etc) so everyone has a different set of circumstances, but still.

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Very professional, friendly and efficient organization. a) At first I thought I wanted someone 'exciting', like a Ghost of Christmas Present haha; b) then I thought I wanted someone a little bit calmer; c) and now I think I can say I'm looking for someone in between, ie someone exciting but still patient and emotionally understanding.

Matches were sent to me for my review, then I could decide if I wanted to proceed.

I've been a memeber now for close to three months and I have met three gentlemen.

(I knew this was going to be an expensive program, and it is, but it would be beneficial to have at least SOMETHING listed on the website, ie how much coaching sessions are.)*Areas for improvement (true for any organization) - Short version for me is I started off working with matchmakers in a local 'field office'.

A few months ago I was switched to a national-level matchmaker in a completely different part of the country (Debbie, see below).

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