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Liv and Maya also find out how many women Ron has slept with.Flashbacks narrated by Bruce reveal Dominic's easy life and secret love of music, and Fab's struggles.Mixology is an American sitcom that aired during the 2013–14 television season on ABC.The series was co-created by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who also serve as co-executive producers with Ryan Seacrest and Nina Wass for Ryan Seacrest Productions and ABC Studios.

If you'd like assistance with food, we can bring in catered selections for an additional price or you can provide snacks or appetizers.Meanwhile, Jessica runs into her former best friend Fab, and they begin reconnecting, while both try to win the affections of the bartender Dominic.Even though he is infatuated with Maya, Cal and Bruce convince Tom to keep trying to pick up women, even though he fails the first several times, he eventually makes a breakthrough.Guests: Nicole Scherzinger as herself Things are going well with Tom and Maya, until Laura, Tom's ex-fiancée, enter the bar.Tom, Cal and Bruce try to make a quick exit strategy but when their plan fails, Maya teaches Tom how to talk to Laura.

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