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All shareholders are entitled to the buyout price, although in some cases an investor must physically submit the stock shares to receive payment.

At the conclusion of the buyout process, the target company's stock is delisted.

At the time of your initial purchase, you must meet the initial maintenance requirement of 50 percent equity, meaning if you buy ,000 in stock you must put up at least ,000 yourself.

If your equity ever falls below the minimum maintenance requirement, which is usually between 25 and 40 percent, your firm will issue a margin call.

While our 100% margin requirement and real-time margin system is designed to limit your trading losses and help ensure that total losses never exceed your total account balance, you do risk incurring losses greater than your account balance, especially during periods of extreme market volatility.

For this reason, we strongly encourage you to manage your use of leverage carefully.

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As an individual, you can liquidate stock by selling it in your portfolio.A margin call means you must immediately sell stock or deposit money into your account, or your firm will liquidate your stock for you.Probably the most common form of stock liquidation is one you can initiate yourself.A buyout occurs when another entity, usually a corporation, offers to buy all of a company's stock.To induce investors to sell, buyout prices are typically higher, and sometimes substantially higher, than the current market price.

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