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Otherwise the divorce can be challenged, even years later.

The court only has jurisdiction over the parties if: After the case has been properly filed it can continue even if one or both parties move out of state.

This means that neither party has to prove that the other is more at fault in causing the breakdown of the marriage.

We say that: "irreconcilable differences have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage." This means that the parties have differences that cannot be fixed and that those differences have caused the marriage to be permanently broken.

This includes assets and debts that are in one person’s name or in both names.

New Hampshire law requires that all divorce decrees include an equitable division of property.

For example, a claim of adultery can be defeated if the "guilty" spouse can prove that the marriage was broken before s/he became involved with the other person.This page explains basic principles of divorce law in NH.These principles will affect the way cases are handled in court, and the way that judges make decisions.The spouse who was not supposed to be responsible for the debt under the terms of the divorce may still have to pay the debt, unless s/he files bankruptcy also.The creditor is not a party to the divorce, so the divorce court cannot change the creditor's rights.

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