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Unfortunately, it’s come down to this: you really shouldn’t share any data on the Web you wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing in a court of law.(Please contact us at tips [at] techcrunch if you have more information about this). FMers, including one of the co-founders, Richard Jones, in comments, who says this story is “utter nonsense and totally untrue,” and another one from Russ Garrett, a systems architect.It also raises the issue of who owns all of this data about you and what they can do with it.(The same issue that caused Facebook to backtrack on recent changes to its data policy).The issue is whether the RIAA or any of its member companies are trying to do so and whether or not is helping them.

After I posted, I again contacted the spokesperson to see if she had any further comment she would like to make. Soon after I posted, however, plenty of unofficial but heartfelt denial came from staffers in London, two of which I linked to last night in the update above.Despite my attempts to corroborate it and the subsequent detail I’ve been able to gather, I still don’t have enough information to determine whether it is absolutely true.But I still don’t have enough information to determine that it is absolutely false either.For now says: “To our knowledge, no data has been made available to RIAA.” (The RIAA declined to comment).Setting aside what actually happened to the data, and assuming this rumor is true, why would the RIAA target

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