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Leo’s love for collecting art began slowly; buying a few pieces at first, then a few more, and so on.Now, nearly 50 years later, his collection has grown to such proportions that not only has he had to build more rooms to his home to hold it all, but the guided tours he personally offers take nearly two hours! You do get dizzy, for a second or two, which is why skaters usually don't leap right into a jump after a spin.Beyond that, there are two jump classifications: toe-assisted jumps and edge jumps. It's executed by digging the right toe pick into the ice while traveling backward on a left inside edge, then popping into the air and rotating. he "popped" it--meaning he didn't get into the tight tuck that would allow him to spin quickly in the air and complete the required revolutions. In golf, some days you crush the ball on the driving range, then flop on the course.

The 12-foot-tall steel castle mailbox and the iron Orca whale fence, created by Orcas artist Todd Spalti, just scratch the surface of the treasure behind the ancient Egyptian doors that lead inside. Problem is, as drop-in fans, we often don't understand what the hell is going on. In the spirit of getting more out of these quirky, oddly compelling, wildly popular competitions--and, as a bonus, giving you a chance to impress girlfriends and wives with a little skatery jargon--we're turning to our default expert, me, on all things figure skating to settle the Five Things You Need to Know while watching. Because, for reasons I still can't quite explain, I took up the sport a few years ago and now compete on the middle-aged, just-picked-up-the-sport-a-few-years-ago circuit. Instead, they take a few steps (strokes, they call them) to allow the fog to clear, and then plunge back into their routines (by the way, it's a program, not a routine).(My mom, watching the teams getting fired up before the game: "Why are they mad? All the other jumps are executed while skating backward. With toe jumps, the skater glides backward, then taps his or her toe pick (the jagged tip on the end of the blade) into the ice and vaults upward. The "flip," by the way, is not to be confused with a back flip, which is illegal in competition. As with golf, much depends on intangibles and variables: how you're feeling that day, your energy level, whether you've been landing a certain jump smoothly in the days leading up to the competition.During the summer months the museum receives upwards of 900 visitors.Many are returning customers, bringing more people with them each time they visit.

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