Lagos nigeria dating marriage role playing dating games

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Nigeria like most other countries have their unique cultures, traditional practices, fashion and style, dishes and views on how things ought to be carried in the society.The Hausa/Fulani people are believed to be about 30 million in number.Although other tribes apart from the Hausa/ Fulani exist in northern Nigeria however, they are the major occupants of the North.It is can also be said that Hausa language is the most popular language spoken in the North.I love watching football, good movie and also listen to good music irrespective of the tribe. 56 height with black hair and my body size is normal, i have interested in jeans wear i need long term relationship, no drink, loving and caring with normal body size, prefer lady I'm Habeeb, Africa, Nigerian Lagos.

I like all sorts of indoor and outdoor activities with a lady of my LOVE, I love ladies / GIRLS, only.The tribes in Nigeria are grouped into two categories: the majority and the minority.The Hausa/Fulani are considered the largest ethnic group in Nigeria, followed closely by the Yoruba and then the Igbo.Prior to this time, the region was made up of various tribes and ethnic groups which all had their unique cultures, traditional beliefs and modes of leadership.The medium of leadership at this time was predominantly the ruling of monarchs.

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