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The code requires that at least 60 per cent local content.

Those who fail to comply risk fines of up to Ksh20 million in what will be a choice between the fine and using local programmes that may not attract larger audience.

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Other than reflecting the society, respondents want the media to also play an important role in ‘setting standards’ for the same society.

Code must be enforced The code bans sex talk and airing of explicit or violent content during the watershed period, between 5am and 10pm.

In a statement read on his behalf by CA’s head of legal John Omo during a forum for communications stakeholders, Mr Wangusi said there was no going back on the new regulations.

A majority of the 2,166 respondents (76 per cent) are unhappy with stereotyping, which they believe is getting worse in the media. Also, respondents had a big problem with advertising as well, which they gave 72 per cent disapproval.

“The amount of airtime allocated to political propaganda and the rates to be charged for it shall be consistent to all parties and candidates,” the code declares.

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