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She trashed his feelings rather than tell him she wasn’t satisfied with their relationship and wanted to date.The purpose of men being emotionally honest isn’t just to satisfy women, but also to live in integrity as men.In any case, emotional honesty is off limits to judgment.♦◊♦ For emotional honesty to become the benchmark in relationships, the first roadblock to crash through is fear.A man who shares his emotional truth is simply being .But what does that look like to women, and what’s their perception of that man?Women who insist they want honesty and then bash a guy who shares his true feelings are just playing a woman’s version of a relationship game. Men and women know that being emotionally honest can feel tenuous, so responding to it with appreciation and mutual respect creates a sense of safety.

Still, I believe most people prefer to operate knowing the truth.

A man who speaks from his heart is sharing his absolute truth, and as such, deserves respect. I urge women to listen without judgment if they want to continue hearing their partner’s truth.

Verbalizing emotional honesty isn’t second nature for most men, and men deserve to be respected, not judged.

The games men sometimes play in relationships are meant to keep women off-balance.

Men want to feel safe, and keeping their feelings to themselves can feel safer than sharing them and getting trashed for their effort.

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