Is rebecca st james dating

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But with Jacob, there was this “cherishing” factor that was there with him.I remember conversations soon before we got engaged where we would look at each other and say, — and tears came to our eyes because it was so beautiful.

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I think in going forward it will be more of an affirming message: God’s way is beautiful. Even long distance we will read this devotion and respond to the questions. I think in some ways so far — praise the Lord — it’s deepened our love for each other.

I believe that “leaving and cleaving” doesn’t just mean your family.

I think it means prioritizing marriage before anything, under God and second to Him.

Second to giving your life to Jesus, it’s the biggest decision you’ll ever make in your life. I look back and honestly I’m glad to be done with that season of my life. We went through marriage counseling with a friend who was Jacob’s youth pastor when he was a teenager.

No matter how you cut the cake, dating is difficult. He and his wife worked with us, which was incredible.

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