Is nikki reed dating dj qualls

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"Joe") (DJ Qualls) is a disturbed fast-food worker, who has reached the end of his mental tether after being tormented and humiliated by his cruel boss, Mr. However, Joe completely misinterprets his encounter with Stefanie and ends up unintentionally kidnapping her. Joe soon hatches a deadly plot for revenge and returns to the restaurant only to become side-tracked when he catches the eye of Stefanie (Nikki Reed), a beautiful female patron.The actor has played a number of major roles in both movies and TV series.Qualls' first big screen came in the year 2000 when he landed a role in the blockbuster movie Road Trip which became the instant hit at the box office grossing over 9 million worldwide against its producing cost was million.As he had not had a girlfriend after Nikki, he has been subjected to such speculations.

The relationship, however, ended up in a split in 2007. She dated Paul Mc Donald for several years and separated from him.

DJ Qualls was an extra in the 1994 HBO film Against the Wall.

In 1998, he landed the small role of Jason in the miniseries Mama Flora’s Family while participating in community theater.

She currently a star in Z Nation and The Man in the High Castle.

DJ Qualls was born to Debbie Qualls and Connie Qualls on 10th June 1978 and is one of their five children.

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