Is nastia liukin dating

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But, it is really hard for him to sit back and watch her dance all over the stage with Derek every week.

And, their rehearsal times are cutting in to time that Matt wants to spend with Nastia.

So far there have been new shomances and relationships popping up left and right on Season 11 – and now the media has turned their attention to pro dancer Derek Hough and his DWTS 2015 partner Nastia Liukin.

Derek and Nastia were spotted out on a lunch date together on April 3rd – instantly spurring dating rumors and speculation that they were more than just dance partners. Magazine when Nastia and Derek were spotted together in New York City, “their bite to eat seemed more romantic than friendly when they were spotted laughing their way out of the restaurant!

In 2008 Nastia Liukin won 5 medals at the Olympic Games.

Nastia won a gold medal in the women's artistic gymnastic All-Around competition, a silver medal on the Uneven Bars, a bronze medal on the Floor Exercise, a silver medal on the Balance Beam and a silver medal from the Team Competition.

"Even before I met him I was like, 'There's absolutely no way, I have no time to date!

Are Dancing With The Stars partners Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin dating?

The amount of training and everything you have to put in to be the best that you can be.”When he’s not in season they occasionally work out together but mostly keep their routines separate.“I took him to Core Power once and that was it,” Liukin says about their yoga-going experience. I was like, ‘Okay, you’re not going to like this.’ He was like, ‘I’m never going back again.’ But he has a very specific training routine, so I just remember I also had that, so I try not to mess with it.“Shawn was the bigger person.” East’s epiphany came while sitting in an airport in Dallas, near Liukin’s hometown. I support you in everything you do.” Liukin saw it at Gemma, a Bowery Hotel restaurant on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, while on a bathroom break from a reporter asked whether Liukin would be attending her Olympic teammate’s April 2016 wedding to NFL long snapper Andrew East. “That’s when it really hit me because I was like, oh my gosh, this girl that I had been best friends with for so many years and this moment that’s about to happen in her life that is the biggest moment of her life, and I’m not going to be there,” Liukin said. “Sports is just such a small part of your life, yet a big part of your life,” Liukin said. She typed a long email, as reported by Olympic, she later described as “a love letter.” “If you don’t respond, I totally get it,” East said. “When [the reporter] said that, I was like, I have to fix this.” Liukin took the bathroom break, received the email and cried. Nastia Liukin is tied with Shannon Miller for winning the most Olympic…Wedding bells are ringing for Nastia Liukin and Matt Lombardi!

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