Intro dating agency reviews

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With such great feedback from previous questions and topic’s we’ve covered.

Jennifer is back answering a question on how to manage nerves on a date: When I am nervous I talk, this really impedes me on first dates. Everyone knows this heralds the beginning of the Summer.

Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you all at intro that we got engaged!!!!!!We are getting on great and are together since April 2016.I wouldn’t have thought it possible beforehand, to be honest, but we have had the kind of outcome I suppose everyone hopes for. As I had a few dating disasters over the years I was very nervous to begin with but the staff at INTRO were amazingly supportive & understanding and gave me the little push I needed to get out there.I loved that all the dates were arranged so that took the pressure off and after date 4 I met John. Of course there’s no guarantees, but they do a damn better job than any online dating agency, which is more miss than hit, and can give you false hopes and so much bloody typing…

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