Intimidating things to say during a fight stop dating com

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That is actually a really healthy and good thing." (On the flip side, here are 7 things relationship therapists say you need to stop fighting about.) This sends the message that your partner's perspective isn't valid.

"People will always get in trouble when they're aiming for 'I'm right, you're wrong,' " says Susan Heitler, Ph D, a relationship expert, author, and clinical psychologist in Denver.

—can actually strengthen your bond in the long run.

I get messages daily asking for relationship advice, and even though I’m no expert on the subject, I love being able to connect with you, share stories, and give whatever pointers I can. But what I find so intriguing about a disagreement is the passion that you both bring to the table. That’s something I would love to tell every young person out there.

"It's only about injuring the other; it's not about problem solving." Focus on finding a solution, not on seeing how effectively you can hurt each other's feelings. Maybe in fairy tales, but real-life relationships take work.

If you've hit a rough patch, consider talking to a marriage counselor or family therapist.

Fighting is stressful, and it's totally understandable if one of you needs a breather (check out these 10 silent signals you're way too stressed).

But when tempers are flaring, you can't simply shut down the discussion.

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