Intimidating entrance music

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Good intro/outro music for podcast, youtube videos, commercials, news etc.

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I can see Diego coming out to face Koschek with NIN- Fuck you like an animal blaring through the place, lol.

If you were a fighter, what would your entrance music be?

Also, just found a friends bands video on youtube... I train with a lot of people that will listen to nothing but hard metal, or rap and they get bitched hard in training.Just associating one kind of music with a fighter should be enough that every time you hear it, the fighter is all you think about!Edited for spelling "who cares, even fucking Duran Duran can sound intimidating when you know that it means you'll be facing Cro Cop in a couple of minutes..." LMAO, so true.The music they listen to doesnt intimidate people then, why should it in a fight.I listen to every fucking type of music you can imagine, from Mozart, to Pantera to you name it. " Instead I came out to somethere very cerebral and slow with the intention it would say to this guy "This guy is confident, unafraid, and not needing some over the top crazy fucking entrance music maybe I made a mistake fighting him" Almost every person there came out to some screaming bullshit, when this guy heard my entrance music was he not intimidated but maybe a little suprised?

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