Intimedating women

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Generally, men want to be pursued by their partners just as much as women do.Holding onto outdated ideas about sex roles also inhibits satisfaction with our sexual relationships, says "Dr.In fact, more than 50% of women and 52% of men who went into a one-night stand, according to Fisher, reported that they did so hoping to create a longer relationship. “Two huge mistakes in this culture are that women are not sexual and that men are not as romantic [as women].” Sure, most teenage boys are ready and willing just about any time you ask, but not true for men.The pressures of everyday life -- family, work, bills -- can zap a man’s libido.“A woman must take responsibility for her sexual encounter,” says Westheimer.

Rather than worry about the shape of your waist and hips, worry about your energy level and enthusiasm and interest in him,” Fisher advises.

This comes as a big surprise to many women, and often his lack of interest in sex is something we take personally.

“It comes as such a shock [to women] that they just don’t believe it,” Fisher says about the reaction many women have when their partner says they aren’t in the mood for sex.

Thinking about how you look during sex stops you from enjoying yourself and ruins your chances of achieving an orgasm.

“Don’t think about the fat on your belly or the makeup on your face,” advises Westheimer. You must give yourself permission to have an orgasm.” “Men want their wives to abandon themselves in sex play, and that’s not likely if she is anxious about her physical concerns,” Parrott says.

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