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The show covered real life issues in totally relatable ways: everything from crushes to poverty.Once upon an inexplicable time, robot pets were thought to be a good idea, much to the chagrin of parents everywhere.There’s already been a preponderance of scientific studies and general handwringing about Millennials, all attempting to piece together the puzzle of how this cohort feels about politics, sex, identity and more.

Shippers prayed they would get together and they came close roughly 10,000 times before they finally kissed near the end of the Anna-Catherine Hartley, known by her stage name Uffie, was one of the first singers to make a name for herself via social media.

It was almost like having a real pet, except it didn't love you. He's now the longest serving cast member on the show, and Kel is a little bitter about the whole thing, telling TMZ that Kenan wants nothing to do with him.

Hopefully they'll make up sometime soon and give the world By 2001, So-Cal pop punk heroes Blink-182 had already ran through the streets naked in "What's My Age Again?

After releasing her first auto-tuned, faux-British accented single "Pop The Glock" in 2006, the singer worked with French music producers the likes of Mr. By the time the album dropped, the foul-mouthed electro-popster had largely faded into obscurity.

However, her X-rated songs dissing online haters exemplified a very specific type of My Space-era Internet fame, and viral white girl rappers Kitty Pryde and Kreayshawn owe a lot to Uffie's steez.

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