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Mc Kay had followed, already talking about geometry and trajectories.Going after them, Sheppard had complained about them corrupting the boy against football, which was taken up by Graham. Summary: Sometimes Evan Lorne was fairly certain he didn’t deserve this. Story Summary: Sometimes Lorne was fairly certain he didn’t deserve this. “That does not sound so bad,” Jinto ventured, pulling the tablet Mc Kay had given him out. He’d learn.~~**~~“I did not realize there were so many problems when assigning this,” Jinto said, sounding discouraged. “On the field, stuff like that can get people killed,” Sheppard told Jinto. ”He, Sheppard, Jinto, Graham, and Tyler, looked up. You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first. He made a face at the two cats but was smart enough not to mention them in Evan’s own office. “We change things up so no one gets sloppy.”“The men who’ve been patrolling will be put on gate duty, which is infinitely more exciting, the marines on off-world duty will do patrolling, and the men on gate duty will change to off-world duty,” Evan explained, pulling his laptop up. It doesn’t matter if you order someone to get along, they’ll find ways, usually without realizing it, to push buttons.”“Speaking from experience, sir? He easily dodged the balled paper the colonel threw at his head.Evan shouldn’t be surprised the length the sports fanatics would go but he was.He wasn’t the only spectator either—a small knot of people were off to the side watching and cheering. He was standing just inside the empty gym, having finished up his daily workout with Graham and Tyler. She sounded slightly breathless and he winced—Chuck had the day off. Tenaya’s in the mess hall for a late lunch, Tyler reported and Evan could just hear his damn smirk. He was going to be nearly as tall as his father at the rate he was going. “Teyla suggested I spend the day learning military procedures from you and Colonel Sheppard.”Evan chuckled. Evan, I can’t make the session, Vi suddenly broke in. Between their different work schedules and the varied emergencies he kept getting called for, he hadn’t spent an entire meal hour with her in nearly a week. Young man, really, he thought, eyeing the height he’d gained.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Evan saw Weir hold her breathe, no doubt expecting a diatribe from the physicist but it never came. Brightening, he grabbed a towel and practically ran from the room. You’re welcome, his team, minus Graham, chorused.~~**~~“Hey, Jinto,” Evan greeted the Athosian boy.Jinto blinked in surprise and Evan smiled at the young man. After everyone had finished dinner, Tyler had dragged Jinto into the Wii room with the intent of teaching him hockey. “No paperwork to fill out.”“Yeah, but roster changes are due tomorrow,” Sheppard said, walking into the Spook Squad conference room. The young man sat down across from him.“We don’t keep people doing the same thing day in and day out,” Sheppard explained. Cadman,” the military woman said respectfully—she was a military medic, he thought. “You got a good day,” Evan smiled as Chloe and Amanda slipped in past the boy to twine around Evan’s legs. ” Jinto asked as Sheppard plopped down at the conference table.

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