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pravin_thanusu: Please tell me the key difference between the Vb. and can you develop against c# web app, can I add the desktop app as a reference? web apps or desktop apps can contain components created in either language. Try converting it with: what I was looking for ..of and c#i make a small website using, in it i make a 2 class in C# If I build a c# web app and someone builds a desktop app, can they communicate? Mike Banavige~~~~~~~~~~~~Need a site code sample in a different language?

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that i want to use in that website, i dont know how to call that class. Text; Try also to add this codes below protected void Grid View1_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) Hi, zippo: In your gridview, the data columns are generated automatically. and also provide the how to update the status field im csv file Thank ssandhya To send SMS, you need some third party SMS providers. Please tell me the and c#same app Been asked before, but... That way future readers will know which post solved your issue.

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