Gridview1rowupdating linq

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I already have the code to get the difference, im just lost on how to save the IEnumerable back to xml.

I am trying to set a datasoruce to the repeater but when i go into the section of the site and write in cost.datasource = table it comes up with an error saying cost dont exist When user login with a username and password, how to store the username and password so that when the user is redirected to another page, the username and password can be used as the key reference to load the relevant info from database Hi , in the title it shgould be : Directory Entry not Directory Info My colleague use Directory Entry class to get the list of users that belong to domain group.

hi dear members i am using these methods "Grid View1_Row Editing", "Grid View1_Row Canceling Edit", "Grid View1_Row Updating" on datagrid to edit row, cancel editing in row and row updating, all of them are working correct except "Grid View1_Row Updating" some body give me coding suggestions that how changed values in datagrid will be updated in datagrid and database.

when the row is edited then these values should also be updated in both, database and datagrid.

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Correct Then correct = 1 End If Next Dim score As Double = (correct / questions) * 100 Label1.

We tried both, using network serrvice account and a custom account.

Data Bind() End Sub Code: questions is how do i allow paging on this.

Web; [assembly: CLSCompliant(true)] namespace Prod Data Access { public class Data Access { string Connection String = Configuration Settings.

To String() Dim al As Array List al = CType(Session("Answer List"), Array List) al.

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