Greece dating marriage

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Greek men did not discuss with others their wives or other female relatives.They dared not even give their names outside their close family circle.There was no legal or religious ceremony to formalize the union; in fact the Ancient Egyptians did not even have a word for such a ceremony.Subsequently, a wife shared control with her husband of all property obtained during the marriage.Women in their early teens were married to men in their mid-thirties.A husband then had to buy his new wife from her father.

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All marriages were arranged by parents and approved by the gods in ancient Greece.Spartan men continued to live in the barracks, even after the wedding, until they reached the age of thirty when they could move home with their wives. Instead, a set of rituals was followed, after which the couple would live together. The groom then would go to the bride’s house in a chariot or a cart.A feast may be held at the bride’s father’s house, after which the groom would take his bride back to his parents’ house. For the wife to be fully accepted into the groom’s family, a child had to be conceived from their union. The man would have to pay back, in cash, the remaining dowry money to his wife’s parents.It is believed that the first “marriage” took place when a primitive man went into a primitive woman's cave and carried her off to be his mate.He chose her not for love but for her ability to do work.

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