Garmin nuvi 200 updating gps firmware

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This is a welcome change and makes it easier to access the buttons for intersections, cities, browsing the map, etc.And if you need to use the Nuvi 200 for emergency geocaching events it will navigate to a set of coordinates.When it asks for a state the Nuvi still can’t figure out that when I type in “NY” I mean “New York”.Instead it insists on me typing in “N E W _ Y” before it figures out where I want to go.So now when you take the GPS off the mount you also need to disconnect the power cable and have a power cable dangling inside your car. It is brighter than the screen on the 300 series and is visible from a wider viewing angle.It just isn’t as clean as the mount for the 300 series. The whites are extremely white and bright sunlight never made the Nuvi screen difficult to read.If I had a choice I would prefer it on the right since sometimes I place the GPS up against the left side of the dash, but without an MP3 player it isn’t likely you would use the SD card slot all that much anyway, so no big deal.

I’m not really sure why a hold button is necessary on this device unless they have it in mind for the pedestrian mode.Unfortunately Garmin changed the mount slightly in the new Nuvi series.The mount is still easy to assemble, easy to adjust thanks to the ball and socket joint, compact, and a nice simple design.The other Nuvi devices can only calculate routes starting at your current location unless you perform a weird workaround of disabling the GPS, setting a new location, and then calculating a route.Without a way to disable the GPS on the Nuvi 200 series, even that long workaround becomes impossible.

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