Gallio fragment dating paul

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Why are the dates of the books of the New Testament of such intense interest to Christians? Bruce explains the methods used for dating the New Testament and stresses the importance of avoiding criteria that are too speculative and subjective.So we have to look for other criteria by which to date the New Testament.One of the most useful is: a work must be dated sometime after the latest historical event to which it refers.Revelation refers to five “kings” who have fallen and to one who “is” at the time of speaking (Rev. If, then, we can identify these “kings”—a big “if” but not, I think, an impossible one—we will have a criterion for dating at least this part of the book.Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians were written after his evangelization of Corinth, and his evangelization of Corinth can be dated rather precisely; we have inscriptional evidence for the time of Gallio’s governorship of Achaia, which began while Paul was in Corinth. Of course, an exception to this rule occurs in the case of prophetic material, which points to events which are still future at the time of writing.

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This article and additional biblical resources can be found at Alliance Photocopies kindly provided by Rich Poll ( To download a copy of this article click here.It also destroyed another theory which dated chapters 24-27 of Isaiah in the reign of John Hyrcanus (135-104 B. RYLANDS FRAGMENT OF JOHN DISPROVES LATE DATE Again, when the Rylands fragment of John 18 was dated on paleographical grounds in the first half of the second century A.D., that proved at least that the Gospel of John could not have been composed in the second half of that century, as many scholars had insisted.Acts, for example, ends with a reference to Paul’s two years under house-arrest in Rome.Acts, therefore, was written after that period, not before it.

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