Freight consolidating

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This methodology can be a great cost saver but for most companies who have a decent volume of LTL shipments it is underutilized and only the obvious opportunities, those that jump of the page, get looked at for freight consolidation.LTL freight consolidation done right requires technology to master the countervailing intricacies of geography, due dates, trailer utilization, and the intersecting price points of LTL carrier rates and truckload carrier rates.The loading area monitored by CCCV and technical staff ensure the integrity of cargo and the proper operation.As well we provides the third party logistics service, as an extension of import and export business.James was an innovator, and purchased his custom power units from Freightways Manufacturing Company. (Cab Over Engine) cab-over power units the United States had ever seen. In 1980, CF organized CF Arrowhead, a union owner / operator company, based in Menlo Park CA with specialized trailers, such as flat beds, drop decks and heavy haul, to service their existing customers with freight that just couldn't be transported in van trailers. ventured into regional trucking with its spin off Con-Way carriers.

With modern warehousing equipment, we ensure safety of cargo during being handling.

The average savings through load planning and LTL freight consolidation vs. You won't find another 38% coming from further negotiations with LTL freight carriers.

How much of your LTL carrier freight spend might lend itself to this application?

The load planning provided by this software consolidated costly refrigerated LTL shipments into considerably less costly multiple stop truckloads that preserved the integrity of the due dates.

After implementing this software the client's improved mode utilization mix sees them shipping 27% direct LTL, 5% full truckload and 68% truckload with stop offs.

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