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When bound in a committment one is bounded by limitations.

You’re also a flake and loves doin pepsi in your apartment in a weekend all the time …maybe your boyfriend rubbed off on you as well as Dean- you’re all pepsi heads and belong with each other!

For someone who you think is a friend you cross her once and she stealing from you and then pressing charges against you saying that you assaulted her or stalked her. Everybody says that I'm very smart, kind and beautiful I am cheerful, talented girl, I like to travel and get acquainted with new interesting peo..The desire to explore oneself for fulfillment of needs that are often impossible within committments is what sometimes drives our desires to seek a kindred soul .. Well established, mature, intelligent, fit and athletic, ambitious, understanding, fun and easy going man.I’m totally glad I refused to come over., god only knows what I would of caught…hope you love your fame now bragging about karma well finally it’s catching up. He tells me he loves me and gives me anything I want from the store for free. He’s been cheating on his woman with me for over a year I’m so in love with him but he’s old enough to be my grandparent.His alcohol problem has gotten so bad that we’ve been having little gang bangs and he’s been hittin on my friends that are only 16.

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