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By doing this, you’d be handing the keys to your financial life to thieves.

No bank, online shopping company, mobile phone network or credit card provider will ever ask you for your password in this way.

The answer isn’t to block them off from this virtual world.

Instead, teach them some simple rules such as the ones below and help them stay away from potential harm.

Automated tools the hackers use will then not be able to recognise it. All this does is let the people sending it know your address is live and active.

This will only lead you to get more spam and junk in your inbox.

So here are 12 tips – six Dos and six Don’ts – that should help prevent you from falling victim to these crooks and their bogus offers.It means your account could easily be hacked by automated systems that try millions of different combinations of letters. These are commonly used on social networks such as Twitter to create a link of fewer characters.Mix up your passwords and use numbers and special characters too. But they won’t allow you to see what you are clicking on or where you are being taken to until it is too late.It may be a tempting offer or the promise of something for nothing, but there will always be a catch.That could leave you open to all sorts of problems.

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