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Jovanovic called himself Gray, a handle--the term went unused during the month-long trial--that he explained in his first communication with his accuser: "I generally wear black and gray, if you haven't guessed already." His choice of screen name may have had a deeper meaning.

"Oliver believes in bringing together the black and white extremes of opposite points of view," observed a later girlfriend, a Belgian woman named Marinza he also met in a chat room. He believes in harmony, not war."His accuser, whose real name, like that of other sexcrime victims, was withheld, called herself Zutzut5, a screen identity that also seems to have reflected deeply personal interests. "A Date to Remember Jovanovic was just two weeks away from defending his doctoral dissertation in molecular biology when he wound up in court defending himself against horrific torture charges.

Jovanovic, who had been working toward a doctorate in microbiology at Columbia University, served 20 months of a 15-years- to-life sentence.

Jovanovic’s “victim,” a Barnard College student in her mid-20s, disappeared from the public eye.

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“It completely consumed and destroyed my life.” “After all this horror! ” said his mother, Sabina – who is a first violinist for the New York City Ballet – as she hugged her son.Otherwise they move on."Out of this often-kinky culture arose the celebrated cybersex trial, New York's first Internet-related sexual assault case.Last May, Oliver Jovanovic, a Columbia University doctoral candidate, was sentenced to 15 years to life for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman he had met and corresponded with on the Internet.The case was tossed on the brink of jury selection for a retrial, in a surprising “Oliver” twist to a story that began in 1996 – when “cybersex” and “cybercrimes” were new coinages.Manhattan prosecutors catapulted Jovanovic’s case onto the front page even at his first court appearance, by not only invoking the Internet, but comparing him to cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

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