Firmware updating succeeded

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Mellanox offers a choice of high-performance solutions for a wide range of markets including high performance computing, enterprise data centers, Web 2.0, cloud, storage, network security, telecom and financial services.

[1] This article will focus on a security feature provided by Mellanox's network interface card (NIC): the secure firmware updates.

Failure to follow the instructions may interrupt the update process and may cause the Blu-ray Disc player to be unresponsive or to require repair.

The instructions below are for how to install the firmware update using a disc.

This includes checking the new binary applicability, integrity, and burning the image in the right flash location.

Additionally, the firmware state machine is also responsible to verify the image signature, and check that the new FW version is not included in the FORBIDDEN_VERSIONS blacklist.

Secure firmware updates feature provide devices with the ability to verify digital signatures of new firmware binaries, in order to ensure that only officially approved versions are installed on the devices.

Doing so may damage the player to the point of requiring repair.

Note: The firmware update process takes a minimum of 30 minutes.

With this feature, the Mellanox NIC and Smart NIC can become the more trusted devices on Alibaba Cloud.

Note: the content of this chapter referrers to Mellanox documents.

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