Festival days sim dating game cheats

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After that, go to the woods and click on the ground, you should see an option to plant the roses you've brought. After that you need to go away from that area and then come back, Raine is there now.

Likes: Rose, Project Toaster A young man who also appears to be a "feline persona" like Veon and Fidel.

He can be very forward about how he feels and is also unlockable.

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One day, something strange happened and she found the book.You'll faint and find yourself being at the hotel and Alix tells you that somebody carried you there.After that go to the carousel area, there you can talk to Clyde now.Likes: Terry the Toaster, Glow in the Dark Stars The infamous thief that many are after.He's cocky and flirty, but also seems to actually have manners. Even though he had a lot of involvement in the introduction, he is an unlockable character. One day, when you go there you'll see Veon having been caught by Terrance and Elias, then you get the option of staying with Elias or Veon, choose staying with Veon (go to farther outskirts, there's a house that's were you find him).

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