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I get frustrated by the conservatism and machismo associated with dating in South America, but there is also an emphasis on romance and really celebrating when you've found someone you love that I think it amazing. people are so often just not willing or able to invest in relationships in aid-focused expat communities. I’m not really a casual sex person, so I’m looking for someone who I at least enjoy being around and who can stimulate me intellectually.Dating someone here has also been the best way to really connect to my new home, meet people, and learn about the culture more deeply. It's fun for a while, you meet amazing people, maybe have some interesting sexual experiences, but it gets tiring and kind of lonely after a while. Woman A: Understand that sex, just like any other element of life, is a facet of a larger culture you've moved into.We stayed together when I left for the Peace Corps and remained in a relationship for about a year and a half. S., and we were committed to doing long-distance ...

It can just get old when you’re the one in the mind-set of, “OK, I live here.

It was a very Catholic setting, and people didn't believe in premarital or extramarital sex — not that it didn't happen, of course it still did, but birth control was not readily available and kind of taboo.

Woman C: I’ve only hooked up with one Nicaraguan guy and it was an unpleasant experience — and that is meant to generalize Nicaragua at all.

It was aggressive and sort of indicative of other things I’ve heard about gender roles and machismo.

Woman A: I have a partner who is from here — we've been together for about three years.

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