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After you have installed Adium, you can sign in to it using multiple accounts at the same time.

For example, you could use Google Hangouts and XMPP simultaneously.

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For now, Snak still works with Mountain Lion, so we’ll continue to list it here, if nothing else than to serve as a foundation for comparing the newer programs. Everything for each channel is contained in one window, and docking windows will allow multiple channels to share a window to maximize limited screen space.

Supports both the scripting language from classic irc II for *nix (UNIX, Linux, etc.), so you can tap into the wealth of existing irc II scripts, as well as Applescript scripts.

There are also automated responses to events so that you can set up script-like actions without being a scripting expert.

A true beginner would appreciate the built-in server list, which lets you get started quickly.

However, once you get connected, the minimalist design means that it’s not as obvious to figure out what is going on.

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