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But he declines to answer if the breakup had something to do with his present weekend habit.

Asked if he visits his favorite rooms while in office, Ted replies: "Sometimes, when there’s nothing much to do in the office." Anything wrong with such preoccupation?

In the cyberworld of sex you talk about sex and imagine doing it.

The "Big O" (big orgasm) is reached only by those who have strong and rich imaginations in sexual encounters.

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The complexity of the cybersex phenomenon and the varied ethical issues anchored on it call for a rethinking of existing ethical frameworks and a formulation of a new one with concrete sexual norms for effective moral evaluation. The first section deals with cybersex as a contemporary human phenomenon, its ins and outs, its workings, language, and usage.

Ted smirks and replies: "It’s OK, nothing really happens, it’s just a pastime." Ted’s story is only one of the myriad stories relative to cybersex in the Philippines.4Cybersex or online sex is a social interaction of at least two persons engaging in real time digital messages or live camera feed conversations to become sexually aroused and satisfied.

In a broad sense, cybersex involves many sexual activities related to computer technology.

Using pseudo names, he could be whatever he wants himself to be: a man, a woman, a teen-ager, a middle-aged person, an old man, etc.

Depending on his mood, he can be what he wants to be within the realm of cyberspace: straight, gay, bi, masochist, sadist, etc.

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