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Realistically the only requirement for a bedroom is that you can fit a bed in it, not a medium sized yoga class.So, you lower your expectations, maybe it doesn’t look the best from all angles, the bio is a bit limited, or it has a box room. You were desperate, it was late one night, you panicked …It was confirmed yesterday that Mr Dobbie, who owns more than one-fifth of the shares in Cupid, is to leave his current position at the start of next month although he will remain on the board as a non-executive director. Cupid chairman George Elliot signalled it was Mr Dobbie's decision to change roles and said: "Bill has led the group through [the initial public offering] and beyond and his decision to step down as CEO is at a time where Bill and the board have re-aligned the group's strategy and are now building upon a stronger more focused organisation." Replacing Mr Dobbie as chief executive on December 1 is Cupid's managing director of dating services, Phil Gripton.He joined the group almost a year ago after leaving digital marketing agency LBi, where he was chief operating officer.That still happens, but I'd suspect it's over the course of months, rather than on first meeting.That said, I never tried any of the big explicitly social / dating groups.ENTREPRENEUR Bill Dobbie is stepping down as chief executive of online dating company Cupid following a year which has seen its share price slump amid allegations it used fake messages to attract subscribers.

My viewpoint is, whilst freemium dating can work, subscription based services show that both sides are actually serious about it.

Flirting is so much fun and should be enjoyed while you're single; so join thousands of other Scotland singles on Waplog.

Enjoy Scotland online dating site Ready to meet someone new? Waplog is a free dating site to meet singles nearby.

Meetup groups - yeah, if it's something you're genuinely interested in.

The one's I've been to are about the activity though, not getting to know each other and swopping phone numbers.

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