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At Mont Saint-Quentin, he was recommended for the award of the Victoria Cross based on his actions on 2 September.

He was mortally wounded by a shell on 29 September during the Battle of St Quentin Canal, never having been aware that he was to receive the Victoria Cross.

It’s easy to normnalize your audio and the effects are easy to apply. It’s looks like the missing link in the evolutionary chain between tape cutting (prime apes) and modern best DAWs (humans). Link: Soundation Easy to set up a project and start recording. Unfortunately the basic edition does not support multi-tracking but there are some great analysis tools.

Again, it can’t multi-track, but it makes up for this with usability and features. Yet this may be it’s downfall when considered an audio editor – it’s features and workflow are perhaps better suited to arranging music.It’s bundled with loads of effects (including compression, EQ and reverb) that you can apply and tweak in real-time.This is a huge benefit as most free editors are destructive (they record effects straight to the audio) so you have to rely on a ‘preview’ button. But in ocenaudio you can play with the parameters of the effect and hear the changes instantly.Link: ocenaudio This is a member of the new wave of online audio editors that run in your internet browser. Released in January 2015, I only discovered this a few months ago.The interface is clean and user friendly and the learning curve is pretty much non-existent. It doesn’t support multi-tracking but you can copy, paste, cut, clear and crop your audio.

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    Cortana is based on Sleep, an extensible Perl-like language. Read the Cortana Tutorial to learn more about how to develop bots and extend Armitage.