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If you’re not having any luck, try meeting different types of people.

Women get inundated with messages from dating sites, match with almost everyone they “swipe right” on, and are constantly on the defensive if they are out at a bar – ready to fight off any “creep” that tries to talk to them or buy them a drink.Stop being on the defensive, not EVERY guy that tries to talk to you is only doing so because he wants to fuck you. At one point or another, everyone has been a chaser; that is the person actively pursuing someone they are interested in.THE CHASING GAME Let me ask you something: if you knew that someone only had a little interest in being around you, would you continue to hang out with them on a regular basis? If you haven’t been a chaser at least once, then you’re likely either a sociopath or a fucking robot and neither is particularly appealing.If I ever get asked that question, I always respond with ”, basically insinuating that because I haven’t told them I am necessarily LOOKING for a relationship, it must mean that I could only want sex.I always respond politely and clarify but let me say it a little more bluntly here: “No, I am not just trying to bed you.

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