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They have since lost the slot after the station's student committee decided to take them off the air waves.Mr O'Connor, 76, said he and Kristina had dismissed the students' comments as "puerile nonsense".We continued to languish on the stairs and a tall white guy with a shaved head approached us and asked if we were here for the dating night.

He had even texted me by the time I woke up a few hours later!

So far we have texted a lot and have a date booked for later this week, which I will update you on, but for now I definitely recommend checking out Jewel Bar , where you might find your own diamond in the rough!

The pair of DJs, both final politics students, made the allegation earlier this month on their Sanctuary Radio Hour Show.

A few of our number dropped out and went home because they couldn’t see many black men in the place, but I stayed with three others and were quickly approached by a couple of guys.

One looked like a Bollywood heartthrob with his muscular frame, tight t-shirt and startling green eyes.

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