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None the less the new reign was more than a mere echo or repetition of that of Hadrian. The first question was thus settled: there was to be no violent change of policy. 509-16 Mint of Rome (Aes) 517-685 Various Issues, Mines, Barbarous . Verus died in its early stages and Marcus was left to carry the burden alone. 757, 758 Mint of Rome (Aes) 759-845 Various Irregular Issues 846-9 viii CONTENTS PAGE APPENDIX 851 ADDENDA AND CORRIGENDA 855 INDEXES : — I. Xll INTRODUCTION They spelt wholesale destruction, deadly fear, bitter defensive warfare, and slow and painful recovery. The grotesque failure of Commodus as Emperor has naturally discredited his father’s choice. Marcus, like his predecessors, left a certain successor — on this occa- sion a son of his body, born in the purple and already Augustus in full right.

Occasionally, the shadow of sterner realities falls across the scene : for the most part, the coinage, like the reign it represents, is static, not dynamic, and draws its inspiration from the permanent aspects of a system that ran so smoothly that it hardly seemed to move. It was an act of generosity that might be justified on several grounds and that actually had no very evil consequences, even though Lucius Verus, however leniently judged, was no equal partner for his colleague. It was probably a surprise to all when Marcus, in his unassailable position, yet chose to have associated with him in the full imperial powers his brother by adoption, Lucius Verus. GOVERNMENT OF INDIA | I DEPARTMENT OF ARCHAEOLOGY S ! ASSISTANT KEEPER IN THE DEPARTMENT OP COINS 131 - 1 70737 8- Mjtlat THE BRITISH MUSEUM PRINTED BY ORDER OP THE TRUSTEES LONDOl T-''-. The vassal kingdom of the Bosphorus continues to issue its coinage of gold and bronze : some of the difficult problems connected with it and its relation to coins of the Empire have been recently advanced towards solution in a notable paper . ] CENTRAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL j LIBRARY Class 737.470937 0A1 , ~S W= Moj- _ j: D. 8 The need of really comprehensive studies of this subsidiary coinage becomes more and more apparent every year.

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