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One good thing about this system is that the migrated email accounts get their own listing in the sidebar, so the email won’t go straight to your main inbox.On top of this, you can go into the settings and set it so that when you reply to an email from a migrated account, you can send it as either your original account, or your new Gmail account.If the headlines surrounding Yahoo lately have you concerned about the integrity of your Yahoo Mail account, you should consider moving providers.While there are many options, this quick guide exists to help you easily switch from Yahoo Mail to the other big guns: Gmail and Outlook.For example, your Netflix, Amazon, forum logins, Steam, e Bay, etc, will all need to be updated individually to your new email address.That will be the painful bit and there is little getting around it (think moving house).Mail forwarding also lets you keep on top of incoming mail after you start using your new account, as there may be some service you forget about that’s still sending mail to your old account.With all that outlined above, let’s get down to the how.

Outlook is tied to your Microsoft account, so if you use that to log into Windows or even Xbox, you can use that account for email too.Other email systems may have similar features buried within their options too, but if no dedicated import feature is available, you can log into Yahoo and setup mail forwarding.It won’t pass your contacts along (but any good email service can get contact info from the emails themselves), but it does push all your mail to another service.Yahoo Mail has been falling out of favor with users for a long time now.While it may have started out as one of the original founding free email services along with Hotmail (later renamed Live, then Outlook), Yahoo Mail has suffered from years of neglect.

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