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You’ll constantly be investing time into guys who not only don’t deserve it, but wasting time in a series of relationships that will be short lived and will destroy your confidence. Loving yourself enough to know that you deserve more than an awful guy is the perfect reason to change your dating habits.Deciding that you won’t put up with being treated poorly will not only give your confidence a big boost, but it’ll put you on the path to better things in the future. You can’t complain about never meeting good guys if you never give them a chance.

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Women talk about their birth stories because that shit is wild, and if you live to tell the tale you want to brag. What makes a birth story so powerful is that aside from being a gory tale with a good ending, it’s both extremely personal and universal. Giving birth is a huge deal, and difficult to liken to anything else before it. Pregnancy is weird enough, your body acts as quaint Airbnb for almost a year but then it culminates in the birth of another human.If you’re constantly occupying your life with toxic guys, you’ll never open the door to the guys that should be there instead.Pay attention to the red flags, ditch the jerks and make room for the good guys from now on. Surrounding yourself with good people in life is the key to happiness and success which is why dating less than stellar guys is so counterproductive to your well-being.You live through it, and then life just keeps moving you forward. Some of us even forget the details enough to have more than one child. There are so many options for pain and procedures, and even how you go about becoming a mother.

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