Dating when children are involved

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Enlist some family members to help with looking after your kids and have a night on the town with some friends.

Just after cleaning the entire house, juggling a career and attempting to see friends and relatives on a regular basis. In the US there are 13.6 million single parents raising 21 million children.

You can’t help anyone else unless you help yourself first.

So, you’ve decided to start dating again, you’re making an intelligent commitment to the furtherment of your emotional maturity and an investment in your future. The majority of single parents work full time, maintaining a delicate balancing act between daycare, babysitters, family, friends and their career.

Single moms and dads also assume that nobody without kids would want to date a single parent with kids.

Fortunately, a study conducted by Elite Singles proved this is an assumption and not true in the majority of cases.

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