Dating the enemy hippy

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Whether it’s meant as a joke, a dismissal, or an intentional insult, the uneasy laughter that comes with that label is uneasy because, 95% of the time, people aren’t implying approval when they call me a hippie.

Things usually wrapped into the layers of insinuation when someone tosses “hippie” at me: – Your ideas don’t match my mainstream ones that I swallowed from CNN – Your wardrobe choices don’t fit into my notion of what small town white girls usually wear – Your politics don’t sit nicely on one side of the spectrum. But they saw a society they no longer felt ok with passively supporting by their inclusion. “Hippie” originally comes from the term “hipster,” congratulations America, you’ve recycled one more thing through the culture machine.

I don’t really have the energy to break down the cultural constraints and fallacies of “the American Dream” but I think we can agree it has some common themes wrapped up in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps to someday get that nice green lawn where you’ve aesthetically marked your territory with a quaint picket fence.

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I think materialism and commercialism poison us when we let them control us relentlessly.You disapprove of my unorthodox path because you are worried that it isn’t what’s best for me. I understand that the beaten path is beaten for a reason – it is the tried and true (for a lot of people) path toward a broad goal of success and stability.But step back for a sec – whose definition of success are we talking about?Newsflash, tie-dye and weed don’t make you a hippie. I can’t see inside your head but I’m going to say that you don’t like my ideas because they don’t align with the mantra that the media feeds you.One thing I will agree with this common stereotype on is the “social misfit,” though I would like to reframe that into “counter cultural.” The hippie movement held counter cultural at the core of its existence. In case you forgot, it’s about half “America can do no wrong” and another half “Kardashian baby names are more important than genocides and terrorism because American (caucasian) lives are inherently more valuable than all others.” Yes, by watching CNN religiously, you passively support their underlying message that America matters above all else.

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