Dating someone you dont know very well

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Let’s take a look at how to master effective communication skills at work and home.Probably a good place to start is to paint a picture of what clear communication is. It’s really about how all of us interact and communicate in every aspect of our lives.If a coffeehouse cutie catches your eye, shoot a few harmless glances in her direction. Confidence is sexy (and even if she says, “No,” at least you’ll know for sure) Don’t try to be funny and forget about impressing her.

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Improving or changing anything in your life takes some work and effort but, it can be done.If she returns your gaze with a smile, this is a good sign that the feeling might be mutual. If you’re worried about appearing nervous, let’s make your approach as quick-and-painless as possible. I know this is a bit random, but I just wanted to say you caught my eye. Let’s get ready for your date, you fine hunk of man, you. Ask her about things like favorite movies, sports, musical genres, and hobbies.Just because a woman smiles at or talks to you, does not mean she wants to take your friendship to the next level, so don’t get your hopes up without good reason. I’m running late for a meeting/work/class/(you get the idea), but I’d love to get your phone number if that’s okay? This way, you can disguise your detective work as small-talk and surprise her with a perfect night out that fits her interests. If you show her what a classy, interesting guy you are, you’ll have more opportunities to check those out later. Listen actively, smiling and nodding in the appropriate places, and be ready with follow-up questions that show her how thoughtful you are. If you’re both ready to hop in bed together after the first night, I’m not gonna stop you.Being an effective communicator will give you advantages in more ways than you can imagine.Conversely, being poor at communicating will negatively impact your life.

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