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The Normans who came to Ireland in 1169 were aware of its strategic importance and established a motte and bailey fort overlooking the River.was constructed in the years after 1172 when Hugh de Lacy, Lord of the Liberty of Meath, granted the Barony of Skreen (Skryne) to his ally Adam de Feipo. Adam De Feipo divided his barony into manors, and one of these manors was that of Athlumney.He built this motte, (which is strategically placed at a fording place on the Boyne,) a wooden tower on the top, a bailey at the bottom, and enclosed it with a fence where he lived with his family, retainers, cattle and horses.(This would have been before the castle was built.)In the early 13th century Amauri de Feipo built a stone church in Athlumney for the tenants of his demesne. Today all that is left of it are the outlines of the nave, the double bell cote, the room for the priest at the left of the altar, and the strange pagan "charm" visible on its tower. The older part is a Tower House built in the 15th century.According to tradition he set fire to his castle rather than see it occupied by William of Orange after his victory at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

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An extensive souterrain, possibly dating from early Christian times, was found on the western bank of the river during the excavations for the Great Northern Railway line.

Souterrains are underground passages or chambers used for storage or shelter.

Athlumney is a manorial village, a complex of archaeological remains which include a motte, a 13th century church and graveyard, a 15th century tower house with a large 16th or early 17th century addition, and a souterrain (location unknown, but it was uncovered when the railway cutting was being dug).

Athlumney’s importance stems from its position – overlooking the Boyne and close to a crossing on the River.

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