Dating requirements updating certifier id entry

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Let’s just say the list is composed of values, characteristics, vain/looks, and fun quirky things.

By the way, read this whole thing, I believe that this will impact your life more than you expect. Friends thought I would never find that person, some even said you might be alone forever. She exists, I’ve experienced love, travel, memories, sensual and passionate sex with exactly this woman. People, you have no fucking clue how many filters I make women go through in my own head.Since then, my list has evolved – maybe not necessarily shortened or grown, but change in what I consider more important.If I had to cut my list down to five non-negotiables, I suppose it would be honesty, respect, ambition, attraction and undeniable chemistry.Someone dedicated, genuine, honest, funny, spontaneous, faithful. Sometimes I think the little things can hold us back, like only liking tall men, or men with a certain shape or big muscles. If I had to list my top five non-negotiable characteristics, I guess they would be trustworthy, respectful, handsome, driven, and family-oriented.Usually, most men I date do meet these requirements. no friends married) Amanda: Men may have lists, but I’m betting they’re completely different than woman’s requirements.

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