Dating profile fillers

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Don’t simply say, “I’ve been practicing cosmetic dentistry for the last 10 years.

I fix teeth through a variety of methods.” Instead try, “My job is to fix kid’s chipped teeth so they don’t get picked on at school.

Or say “I’m terrible at these summaries.” or “This is still a work in progress.” You’re adding no value to yourself.

In fact, you’re conveying that you aren’t creative. Yeah, you may be able to fool some people onto first dates that they might not have gone on otherwise.

Do you need to restate “that Friday night” when it’s obvious from the profile section header? Why not just say, “sipping Macallan Scotch with friends.”? Every other profile has something like, “I exercise often, hang out with my friends, and do outdoor sports.” Great, you just described a million other men. Stop TELLING girls what kind of man you are with, “I’m adventurous, open-minded, and love to laugh.” That couldn’t be any more bland or uninspired. Bungee jumping off the Macau tower and soaring through the air is a moment I’ll never forget. ” See how much more colorful and interesting that sounds?

It’s concise while specific and also shows you appreciate fine liquor. Show me how you’re unique from all the guys who says the same shit. Share how you sit by the beach bonfire with friends talking about the existence of alien lifeforms. “I’ll try anything twice…except those chocolate grasshoppers I had in Vietnam…once was more than enough. Include a few sentences about what you find attractive or value in someone. It makes women want to win YOU over and also screens out women who aren’t compatible.

Break up your paragraphs to make them more readable. I just saw this on a profile, “It really depends who is available that Friday night but usually I will be drinking Whiskey at someone’s house or my house with whoever is there.” Do she care who’s available?

Explain how your job benefits others in a relatable way.

Help them understand the value you provide and again, give them more than just the facts.

I also make people confident to smile for their wedding photos and memories.

Every day I’m showing people how the dentist doesn’t have to be scary.” Rant about things you hate.

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