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SPENCER: I think it grew over the first couple of years.Pussy Galore was a very confrontational band, very much in-your-face, and there was a lot of hate and a lot of anger in that group. We were definitely surreal; we had a crazy edge to us and there was real joy and lots of humor in what we did.

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Did you ever feel pigeonholed by the persona you created or the sound that you established? I had never been in a serious band and he was setting the pace of rehearsals and touring.We really started to dig deep and explore the roots of American music and rock and roll.There seemed to be a little reluctance from the band in accepting the baggage that comes along with having the word “blues” in your name.Spencer made a name for himself with Pussy Galore, as deconstructionist and nihilistic a post-punk band as there was in Washington, DC, and then on the Lower East Side of New York in the mid ’80s.When that band melted down, he joined the Honeymoon Killers, where he met Simins. Bauer, a wide-eyed kid fresh off the bus from Wisconsin, showed up to borrow some gear and ended up getting in on the action. It’s not surprising that not everybody “got” the Blues Explosion the first time around.

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