Dating mexican silver jewelry and eagle mark

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"In the USA, The National Gold and Silver Marketing Act does not require precious metals to be marked with quality.

However, if a quality mark is used, the mark must be accompanied by a manufacturer's hallmark that is a registered trademark or the name of the manufacturer.

This same system was also used to frame gold hallmarks.If there is ever a question about the content of a piece of jewelry, the manufacturer can be traced using the hallmark stamped on the piece....US law requires a maker's mark in the form of a hallmark or registered trademark in addition to the quality mark if the goods are quality marked.These five nations have, historically, provided a wealth of information about a piece through their series of applied punches.Since 2015 visually identical UK Hallmarks are being struck in India and Italy by sub-offices of Birmingham & Sheffield Assay Offices respectively: London assay office hallmarks on the back of a waiter, or small square salver.

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