Dating love male and female russia half life dating equation

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) 36-year-old women, in Moscow—on Valentine's Day. This year, my friend Claire and I found ourselves, two divorced (Claire, almost-divorced), moderately disillusioned (jaded?I also write this column for about love and life after my recent divorce.I'm interested in love, and I couldn't help but ask Anna, the first Russian woman I would meet on my trip, a little about the love landscape in her country."Are you married?Petersburg shared, adding that many are unfaithful and almost all expect their wives to cook and clean and look perfect while doing it.But perhaps most shocking of all, even in the year 2015, there is no law against domestic violence in Russia.

The men here are," she paused to find the right word, "terrible." Though she had recently started dating someone, her attitude toward love mirrored the other women I'd met: guarded, taken with a grain of salt, almost a "take it or leave it" mentality.

" I asked Claire, remembering one of my friends in Seattle, a Siberian-born Russian with extremely high expectations for the men in her life and a strict no-bullsh*t rule when it comes to dating.

An hour later, when we stepped off the plane in Moscow, Anna, the head of marketing for my Russian publisher, greeted me with flowers.

) 36-year-old women, in Moscow—on Valentine's Day.

After one of my novels hit the best-seller list unexpectedly in Russia, I'd been invited by my publisher to go on a week-long book tour in the dead of winter.

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