Dating haram quran

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• I would …In this counseling answer: • Ask Allah to forgive you for your haram behavior.Repent and promise yourself that you will not have anything more to do with this boy.•It is his responsibility and his family’s responsibility to ensure that he does not fall into depression.• Regarding his parents, if there’s a chance …In this counseling answer: • I would kindly suggest that you sit down with your parents and discuss your concerns about having to do your schooling over again.

• I would also advise you to read and listen to lectures about marriage.

…In this counseling answer: • Please sit down and reflect upon the relationship.

Make a list of all the things that he has done to hurt you.

So the question …In this counseling answer: • During the teenage years, physiological and physical changes start happening.

Individuals start experiencing feelings for the other gender.

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