Dating elliott clocks

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The attractive, mahogany case has a well-proportioned, bell caddy top and the well-made movement is fitted with an engraved and silvered dial of similar quality.French clockmakers in the 19th century achieved great success with a range of small mantel clocks which were built to a very high standard and were beautifully designed to show off the skills of the clockmaker.

This is typical of family work, making sure that everything they put their name to was of the highest quality.

This is a fine example of the best type of clock of the period.

The visible escapement in the middle of the dial clearly shows how the pendulum is being impulsed and the mercury vials within the pendulum bob are both attractive and functional as a simple form of temperature compensation.

In the second half of the 19th century, French clockmakers really showed that they were masters of both design and engineering.

The high quality movement strikes the hours and half hours on a blued steel gong, making a delightful sound yet it is the elegant design of the tortoiseshell case and ormolu mounts that makes this clock so impressive.

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